4 Steps How To Split a Video

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More often than not, videos that have just been shot contain elements that are unwanted or unnecessary. At times, they could be too big for DVD burning or to be played on mobile devices. The answer to all these concerns is video split wherein the shots are divided into manageable pieces. The parts that are unwanted need to be cut out.

For the purpose of discussion, the app that will be used in video splitting for this article is Movavi.

Effective video splitting all begins with an effective video splitter. Movavi Video Editor provides an uncomplicated way to split the videos as it also allows you to edit movies in a lot of different ways.

Splitting the video means you chop it into smaller parts so that they can be extracted or copied, if not uploaded to the Internet. Every split part can be played back.

Should you want to join videos, then you need to merge files together. This can only work if the files come in similar formats, meaning, you can only join .wmv with a like file.

Video Cutter Installation

Step one is to download the video editor. Next, open the file for installation then have the program installed by following the instructions on the screen. Movavi Movie Editor comes with an intuitive English interface. It is basic so even a video production newbie will learn how to work with the app within five minutes.

Use the software to split and join videos; also for other video editing tasks.

Select the File for Splitting

The next step is to choose the file for splitting. To do this, click Add Media Files then cilck on the video for splitting. Go to Media then move your clip to the Timeline right on the program interface’s lower part.

Cut Out the Unwanted Parts

You can, at this point, slice the video by using the Video Editor tools. The built-in Split Movie app can also be used to do the same thing. The Video Editor tools are more appropriate, though, if you need to cut just a few parts from the videos. The Split Movie type is best used for any multi-splitting task.

Cut the videos using the tools. Go to Media panel, drag the video that you would want to cut to the timeline board. Have this video clicked then place the red marker at the start of the unnecessary scene and click on the picture. You will then s ee that your clip has been split into two.

Drag the red marker to the end of the unwanted segment then have the clip split to two again. This should separate the unwanted segment from the rest of the video.

Right-click then Delete. Slide the two parts, join them then your video is now ready.

Save All Edited Videos

Now you need to save the video to its right format. Click Save Movie then pick from the options. Save your video file by saving as a 3D movie then burn to DVD. You can already upload this in YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

To use on your tablet or phone, be sure to convert the video to its appropriate format.


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